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    24 September at 15:17 from atlas

    Book on small businesses I have read this calendar year include:

    "Screw it, Let's Do it"  by Richard Branson(Prm library available on request) 

    "Start Manage Grow" about resources from Government Departments.

    "The One Thing" by Creel (ex Institute  of Accountants  library)

    "Rules of the Hunt" by Johnson (ex Institute  of Accountants  library) with some notes below:

    * purports to cover - Leadership - create loyalty;

      Relationships - form strong bonds;

        Sales - close more sales;

        Marketing - identify and promote like the pro's;

        Technology - use of the internet.

    *Your success will depend upon actions taken each day, the decisions you make, the experiences you have and the lessons learned from each.

    *  some insights  

    take responsibility;

    avoid meeting with more than two or three people;….many meetings are a waste of time;

    price can add value in the mind of the buyer…so avoid giving free services unless it compliments a paid service;

    you are allowed to "pinch/use" a concept used by another advertiser, but not to copy;

    For gifts:  men like food, gadgets and toys, women like flowers and chocolates;                                                                            "Gifts seduce both men and gods"- quote by  .   Ovid.

    Don't work too many hours…if this seems what you are doing have a review of what you spend your time on…

       make the hours income-earning;

      use plain English where possible;

      take a break!

      try to ensure a balance between intelligence and wisdom!

      Dream a lot;

      "Remember that which is difficult to attain is more valuable than that which is easily acquired";…the desire to possess something  .   increases with its lack of availability;

    *The author notes there is little difference with running a businesss than running your own life- both have wants and needs;

    * don't tell people what to do, tell them what they are…more experienced than you may be in their area of expertise;

    * confront problems early  and handle difficult situations yourself;…learn how to say "No";

    * do talk to strangers as you never know where the conversation will lead;

    * sell by numbers …eg six ways to improve your mental health  or eight thoughts for the seven days per week;

    * a brochure about a business need not be about the history - it needs to be creating a sale.  The day a customer asks for more about the history of your business is when yous ee incorns frolicking in the street;

    * Customers want benefits…not features;

    * think about a trade show..and compare the costs of individual visits because how many potential customers go to a trade show?

    * the author suggests you have some one as a "hard-nose advisor" to keep you on track, towards your goals by having a three monthly meeting.  You can do this by preparing athree-monthly report from yourself to you about progress achieved during the lasat three months, where a lack of progress happened and what you are doing to keep on track….called " self monoring by report";

    * Do what you do well and leave other work to others!

    * Remember you are who you think you are;

    * You WILL have some pitfalls in your business; record them and seek to move forward.


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